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Claremont Centre 

24-27 White Lion St London N1 9PD

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  • We acknowledge the right to access psychological services
  • We acknowledge the benefit that can come from engaging with psychological services
  • We recognise a negative social context and dynamics based on discrimination as having a detrimental effect people’s ability to fully participate in society
  • We acknowledge the impact of inequality, disadvantage, discrimination, and stereotyping on an individual’s self esteem and the need for this to be addressed to achieve a positive sense of self
  • We believe that each individual will benefit from a range of psychological interventions and support

The Team is made up of therapists from diverse ethnic backgrounds who work singly and as a Team. Some Therapists are able to offer therapy in languages other than English.

We gratefully acknowledge support from the Cripplegate Foundation and Richard Cloudesley's Charity.

Original art work by Karen Shivero.

Multicultural Counselling Centre.  Registered Charity No 1062324

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